What Is a Monument Sign and What Businesses Might Have Need for It?

If you want your business to become more popular and be seen as a true professional “monument” in the area you operate in, a monument sign would be a great idea. Setting up monument signage for your company is an easy way to enhance the image of your business and to ensure that people get a better first impression and an improved idea about your business, even before they learn anything about it.

What Are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are simply signs that are meant to let people passing by know where they are and what the building in front of them represents. As you set up a monument sign, you’ll want to make sure that it can easily be seen from the street and that you can have people read the name of your company and any information you might want to convey as clearly and as easily as possible.

A monument sign is typically standalone, often made from stone, wood or brick, and featuring a unique appearance that makes it stands out. Sometimes these signs are short and featuring high contrast elements and letters. Other times, they are very tall and imposing, and they have vertical letters that are easy to see even from a long distance away.

As you probably already know, a monument sign is meant to be that imposing and meant to showcase exactly what your company is all about. As people drive by your building or even as they just take a random stroll and walk by it, they should be left with a powerful impression of your company and what it’s all about, even just by taking a glance at the monument sign you’ve set up.

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The Businesses That Would Benefit from a Monument Sign

Just because you own a business, it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to set up a monument sign. Typically, monument signs won’t serve you if your business is just starting out. An investment like that can be a bold one, and while it does work in some cases, experts from a business that creates and builds custom business signs near me usually say it’s best to built up to it until you can at least move your business out of your home office, and buy or build an actual building for it.

Monument signs also work best for buildings who actually expect to have customers or business partners walk through their front doors and visit them. If you only (or mostly) interact with your clients online, then a freestanding monument sign might not be the best investment for improving your business.

On the other hand, anyone from the owner of a large clinic, hospital or zoo, to entrepreneurs who are in charge of factories, corporate commercial buildings, retail chains or entertainment venues can greatly benefit from setting up a catchy (and possibly large) monument sign. These businesses receive numerous customers on a daily basis, and they can benefit greatly from local prospects seeing their monument signs and realizing that they may be close to the exact place that they were looking for.

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