Differences Between Solo and Tandem Strip Canoes

From classic designs promoting a relaxing paddle, to unique, modern constructions built to withstand the harshest of waters, strip canoe manufacturers have come up with everything under the sun to surprise and delight enthusiasts that are in search of a good thrill.

However, as you start to look for a tandem canoe, you’ll find that the amount of variety that is available might start to narrow down. As a result, it can be harder to get the same level of diversity and quality that you were used to with your old solo canoe.

Understanding the Difference

When it comes down to buying a strip canoe, the design can look very similar, whether you’re buying a solo or a tandem canoe. A perfect example is the Mystic River tandem canoe, which is based on a refined classic design that has been popular with solo canoe enthusiasts for many years. Nevertheless, a tandem canoe is very much larger, heavier and more difficult for a single person to paddle in. These canoes are built for two or more people, and they can also feature larger storage compartments and greater room for passengers, depending on the design.

Overall, the most important difference between a tandem and solo canoe is that the latter is oftentimes simple, lightweight and featuring a minimalist design. So, for someone who wants to either get a solo strip canoe with the features of a larger, tandem one, or vice versa – a minimalist tandem canoe – it can be harder to land on a type of design that will suit their requirements perfectly.

It’s also very essential to note that, the larger and the heavier your canoe, the harder it will be for fewer people to control it. So great care has to be taken in choosing a canoe that is designed for two or more people, but that can also be controlled by one person on tame waters. When the water becomes more aggressive and stability issues arise, it can become much harder to maneuver it properly.

Making Up for Differences by Getting a Custom Canoe

One of the sure ways to get the same quality from a tandem canoe as you have from your old solo strip canoes is to aim for a customized boat that has everything you need. Custom canoes are available from sellers that actually make canoes, rather than just buying them from manufacturers and then reselling them. A lot of the time, such sellers craft the canoes themselves using tools that are ideal for wooden designs, but are usually not used to craft more modern strip canoes that might have to be constructed using large machines.

Nevertheless, a custom handmade tandem strip canoe might be just what you need. These canoes are reliable, strong and made with a great deal of attention to detail to provide you with precisely the experience you need. Moreover, if you get one of these tandem canoes, you can be sure that even the smallest issue was carefully corrected during the manufacturing process, and that you don’t have anything to worry about in terms of safety and stability.

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