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How Do I Start Shopping For A Self Storage Unit?

Storage units near me are great choices for short and long term, whether you are looking to free up some space in the house, or you are going through a house renovation or a transition (e.g. relocation).

These units are part of storage facilities that exist everywhere in the country, so it should not be too difficult to locate some in your area. Before you contact them, make sure you do some measurements and estimate the amount of your things that need to be stored, the storage purpose, as well as the way you are going to access them.

Also, if you are going to store a recreational vehicle, you will likely have to contact storage facilities built for that specific purpose, because standard facilities do not have units large enough to accommodate RVs.

When you start shopping for a self storage unit, you should contact more than one facility, to be able to compare the offers you get. These facilities are different; some of them provide better security than others, climate controlled units, units customized as commercial areas (offices, shops etc.), units of various sizes etc. Comparing is the best way to ensure that you will rent storage units near me that will help you optimize your storage for an affordable monthly fee.

storage units near me

Choose a reliable storage company

When you chose a storage unit for your belongings, you are placing your trust in the renting company. Even if you do not plan to store valuable objects, it is still important to identify a company with a track record of reliability, to protect your money. Do not opt for a particular renting company only because it provides cheaper rates comparing to its competition.

Make sure you check the reviews and ratings. You should be able to find them online, on the company`s website of Facebook page, or on the Better Business Bureau`s website. Additionally, you can always ask friends and other people you trust for some word-of-mouth recommendations, as they are often the best source of information.

Keep in mind that renting a storage unit is a process that should be started early, to have the time to prospect and evaluate offers. Don`t make a hurried decision! When you contact a storage company, ask about the following details:

  • The hours of operation

This is very important especially if you plan to check on your storage unit often and make modifications to the stored content. Retrieving storage should be convenient for you. It is good to know that some facilities allow 24-hour access to your unit.

  • The payment plans

The price and the payment plans are very important. Some facilities offer short term payment plans, others – long term payment plans, and some offer both;  you may also get one month free of charge or other discounts. Additionally, it is important to know the cancellation terms of your contract.

  • The facility’s insurance options

Insurance is always important and you should choose a storage facility that offers insurance option to protect your belongings. General insurance covers for theft, water damage and other unforeseen events.

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