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Tips for Moving and Packing Fragile Items

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Everybody that moves to a different place wants to overcome the challenge of not breaking anything during transportation. From breakable kitchen items to glassware, paintings and electronic devices, all of these require special attention when packaging. The challenge is to find a way to organize and prepare the items for transportation in such a way that they arrive safely at the destination. Here are some useful tips to package fragile items.


Gathering Materials

Preparing the right packaging is essential. You cannot just simply throw everything into a box and call it a day. Cardboard boxes, together with some packing paper,  bubble wrap, packing peanuts and styrofoam boards are some great choices when purchasing packing materials.


Home items such as pillows, blankets, newspapers and such are also great to be used in packaging fragile items. Porcelain objects, kitchenware, mirrors can all be stacked together with pillows and blankets to help cushion the box while moving. This is what it means to pack smart. Instead of buying a large number of packing materials, one can make use of items around the house. When packing, set aside a few pillows, blankets, napkins, stuffed animals and the such.


  1. Wrap the fragile items in some packing paper or bubble wrap. This will protect the fragile surface of the objects.


  1. Place the item in a box filled with crumpled packing paper. This padding layer at the bottom will absorb any vibrations or help avoid any damage when putting down the box.


  1. Avoid empty spaces in the box. Empty spaces will be the perfect room for your items to bounce around and maybe breaking. The spaces should be filled with packing paper, bubble wrap or styrofoam.


When it comes to cups and glasses a good method would be to make a cell pack in a box, by using cardboard. A cell pack is easy to make out of cardboard and will keep the items in their separate cell and with a bit of newspaper wrapped around them, they will have a means of safe transport to the intended destination.

Using the Gained Knowledge on Other Items

Packing electronics is a similar process itself. When purchasing electronics, many people tend to keep their original boxes and packages. This is where they could be of great use when transporting them. Placing more than one electronic in a box can be done, however, the heavier one should be put at the bottom and keep the lighter ones on top.


For paintings and frames, an appropriate sized box should be used. If the painting has glass, covering it with tape in the form of an x. This should protect it from shattering inside when transporting. If the painting lacks any glass then the front should be protected with some painter’s tape, so that the front will be protected and the painter’s tape will leave no adhesive traces. The same method can be applied to mirrors.


After the packaging is done, a marker should be used to mark the boxes containing the fragile contents, which really helps the local movers Denver area that you choose. This should make the person handling the boxes be more careful when managing them.





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