What Are the Most Common Limitations for Visitors in an Assisted Living Facility?

Are you looking for an assisted living facility for your aging parent or loved one? Assisted living is definitely a great choice since it offers a lot of customization options, and is also less expensive when compared with a regular nursing home.

However, it’s very important to know all the details before making your choice, especially in light of recent events linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has changed the policies according to which these facilities operate. Normally, visitation rules are not too problematic, but these days many additional precautions are in place to ensure the ongoing protection of the senior residents’ health and safety.

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When and Under What Conditions Can You Visit Your Loved Ones?

There  are a lot of misconceptions associated with assisted living facilities pertaining to the reputation that regular nursing homes had in past years. While a nursing home cares for seniors whose mental and physical health might be very fragile, the best assisted living facilities Denver offers are very different, and they normally have less restrictive guidelines and rules associated with outside visitors.

You might find that even while visiting an assisted living center as a guest, you have to sign in, as if you were to visit a factory or a hospital. That ensures everyone is accounted for in an emergency, and it’s pretty much standard in every facility that offers care solutions for elders or patients of certain mental or physical disorders.

It’s very important to ask about visiting hours before you accept to send your aging loved one to any assisted living facility. In many cases, visiting hours are posted and restricted to family members, but not necessarily enforced, although some facilities are more zealous when it comes to allowing anyone inside the property.

What usually happens is that family members can stop by and stay for quite a while as long as they sign in and are allowed to enter by a certified staff member. In some cases, as long as you receive prior authorization, you may even be allowed to spend the night with your loved one, provided that the facility doesn’t have any rules that go against that option. All these details will, of course, have to be discussed beforehand.

Assisted Living and COVID-19 Restrictions for Visitors

The COVID pandemic has changed quite a lot in how easily visitors are allowed access to assisted living facilities, at least for the time being. As always, some facilities have more restrictions than others, but the usual idea is that you can visit for a limited time, provided that you abide by the new rules of the facility that are at least temporarily established to fit the restrictions imposed for protecting both assisted living facilities Denver visitors and residents from COVID-19.

While residents who test positive will, of course, have to be quarantined for 14 days or more, others are typically free to receive visitors either in outdoor or indoor facilities that are especially prepared for visits and for ensuring social distancing as well as other restrictions. The number of visitors per person, the time that they can stay and their freedom of movement throughout the facility will be limited especially in the case of indoor visits, which will generally be closely monitored to prevent the spreading of the disease.

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How Do I Start Shopping For A Self Storage Unit?

Storage units near me are great choices for short and long term, whether you are looking to free up some space in the house, or you are going through a house renovation or a transition (e.g. relocation).

These units are part of storage facilities that exist everywhere in the country, so it should not be too difficult to locate some in your area. Before you contact them, make sure you do some measurements and estimate the amount of your things that need to be stored, the storage purpose, as well as the way you are going to access them.

Also, if you are going to store a recreational vehicle, you will likely have to contact storage facilities built for that specific purpose, because standard facilities do not have units large enough to accommodate RVs.

When you start shopping for a self storage unit, you should contact more than one facility, to be able to compare the offers you get. These facilities are different; some of them provide better security than others, climate controlled units, units customized as commercial areas (offices, shops etc.), units of various sizes etc. Comparing is the best way to ensure that you will rent storage units near me that will help you optimize your storage for an affordable monthly fee.

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Choose a reliable storage company

When you chose a storage unit for your belongings, you are placing your trust in the renting company. Even if you do not plan to store valuable objects, it is still important to identify a company with a track record of reliability, to protect your money. Do not opt for a particular renting company only because it provides cheaper rates comparing to its competition.

Make sure you check the reviews and ratings. You should be able to find them online, on the company`s website of Facebook page, or on the Better Business Bureau`s website. Additionally, you can always ask friends and other people you trust for some word-of-mouth recommendations, as they are often the best source of information.

Keep in mind that renting a storage unit is a process that should be started early, to have the time to prospect and evaluate offers. Don`t make a hurried decision! When you contact a storage company, ask about the following details:

  • The hours of operation

This is very important especially if you plan to check on your storage unit often and make modifications to the stored content. Retrieving storage should be convenient for you. It is good to know that some facilities allow 24-hour access to your unit.

  • The payment plans

The price and the payment plans are very important. Some facilities offer short term payment plans, others – long term payment plans, and some offer both;  you may also get one month free of charge or other discounts. Additionally, it is important to know the cancellation terms of your contract.

  • The facility’s insurance options

Insurance is always important and you should choose a storage facility that offers insurance option to protect your belongings. General insurance covers for theft, water damage and other unforeseen events.

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What Is a Monument Sign and What Businesses Might Have Need for It?

If you want your business to become more popular and be seen as a true professional “monument” in the area you operate in, a monument sign would be a great idea. Setting up monument signage for your company is an easy way to enhance the image of your business and to ensure that people get a better first impression and an improved idea about your business, even before they learn anything about it.

What Are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are simply signs that are meant to let people passing by know where they are and what the building in front of them represents. As you set up a monument sign, you’ll want to make sure that it can easily be seen from the street and that you can have people read the name of your company and any information you might want to convey as clearly and as easily as possible.

A monument sign is typically standalone, often made from stone, wood or brick, and featuring a unique appearance that makes it stands out. Sometimes these signs are short and featuring high contrast elements and letters. Other times, they are very tall and imposing, and they have vertical letters that are easy to see even from a long distance away.

As you probably already know, a monument sign is meant to be that imposing and meant to showcase exactly what your company is all about. As people drive by your building or even as they just take a random stroll and walk by it, they should be left with a powerful impression of your company and what it’s all about, even just by taking a glance at the monument sign you’ve set up.

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The Businesses That Would Benefit from a Monument Sign

Just because you own a business, it doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to set up a monument sign. Typically, monument signs won’t serve you if your business is just starting out. An investment like that can be a bold one, and while it does work in some cases, experts from a business that creates and builds custom business signs near me usually say it’s best to built up to it until you can at least move your business out of your home office, and buy or build an actual building for it.

Monument signs also work best for buildings who actually expect to have customers or business partners walk through their front doors and visit them. If you only (or mostly) interact with your clients online, then a freestanding monument sign might not be the best investment for improving your business.

On the other hand, anyone from the owner of a large clinic, hospital or zoo, to entrepreneurs who are in charge of factories, corporate commercial buildings, retail chains or entertainment venues can greatly benefit from setting up a catchy (and possibly large) monument sign. These businesses receive numerous customers on a daily basis, and they can benefit greatly from local prospects seeing their monument signs and realizing that they may be close to the exact place that they were looking for.

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How to Hire a Great Counselor

In general, people use the services of a counselor as they do when they need another health specialist. They ask their friends, colleagues and relatives whether they know a good professional who helped them regain their health. It is advisable to do the same if you have depression, anxiety, panic attacks or you just want to better understand our emotions, behavior and invest in your personal development.

One of the simplest methods is to ask recommendations from your physician. When you do that, you don’t need to go into much detail about why you need a counselor. All you have to do is saying something like “I am going through some difficulties and I am thinking of seeing a counselor, but I would need some recommendations.”

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Other tips to consider

  • Consult with very close persons that you can trust. Maybe they have been through similar situations, in which case they can be a source of valuable information about the counselor they have worked with/
  • Schools and universities are also a resource. There surely is a psychologist in your child’s school who could recommend someone to you. In universities too, you can find qualified professionals who, in their turn, know many other professionals and are willing to make recommendations.
  • Use a network search. When you have a name, it is a good idea to search it online. If the counselor has a blog or website, explore it. Often, you can make an impression about a professional based on what they write or what is written about them. However, keep in mind that many very good and well-qualified counselors may not have a website, but merely some contact details. If you can’t find any other information about them, call them.
  • Do not despair if you cannot find a good counselor close by. Today, people are allowed to seek psychological counseling online All you need is a messenger application to access professional help from counselors open to provide online consultancy.
  • If you own a business in Massachusetts and are trying to recruit mental health professionals, consider establishing an online presence and post ‘lmhc jobs Massachusetts’ for those persons that may be looking for placement.

In the process of searching and evaluating, make sure you always have at least 2-3 names on your initial list, so you can compare what you can find about different professionals. You should always have the option to delete a person from your list if you are not satisfied and call another, because you have the right and the responsibility towards yourself to be pretentious.

The first contact with the counselor is typically on the phone, but nowadays more and more people also use the email. This initial conversation should not be too long. Introduce yourself and ask if you can make an appointment, as a new patient. You do not want to talk too much and explain the situation you are facing, just to find out that the counselor does not accept new patients for the time being.

If the specialist can receive you, explain your problem in a few words and ask if they are qualified and familiar enough with it to provide you adequate help.

You should also ask about money related aspects. Don’t be afraid to be clear about your financial status, as many counselors are open to offer different payment options. If you get a satisfactory answer, move to the next question: “Is there anything else I need to know before we meet?”. Exchange essential contact information and get information on the procedure in case of cancellation of the meeting.

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Tips for Moving and Packing Fragile Items

Tips For Hiring Local Movers Denver Moves

Everybody that moves to a different place wants to overcome the challenge of not breaking anything during transportation. From breakable kitchen items to glassware, paintings and electronic devices, all of these require special attention when packaging. The challenge is to find a way to organize and prepare the items for transportation in such a way that they arrive safely at the destination. Here are some useful tips to package fragile items.


Gathering Materials

Preparing the right packaging is essential. You cannot just simply throw everything into a box and call it a day. Cardboard boxes, together with some packing paper,  bubble wrap, packing peanuts and styrofoam boards are some great choices when purchasing packing materials.


Home items such as pillows, blankets, newspapers and such are also great to be used in packaging fragile items. Porcelain objects, kitchenware, mirrors can all be stacked together with pillows and blankets to help cushion the box while moving. This is what it means to pack smart. Instead of buying a large number of packing materials, one can make use of items around the house. When packing, set aside a few pillows, blankets, napkins, stuffed animals and the such.


  1. Wrap the fragile items in some packing paper or bubble wrap. This will protect the fragile surface of the objects.


  1. Place the item in a box filled with crumpled packing paper. This padding layer at the bottom will absorb any vibrations or help avoid any damage when putting down the box.


  1. Avoid empty spaces in the box. Empty spaces will be the perfect room for your items to bounce around and maybe breaking. The spaces should be filled with packing paper, bubble wrap or styrofoam.


When it comes to cups and glasses a good method would be to make a cell pack in a box, by using cardboard. A cell pack is easy to make out of cardboard and will keep the items in their separate cell and with a bit of newspaper wrapped around them, they will have a means of safe transport to the intended destination.

Using the Gained Knowledge on Other Items

Packing electronics is a similar process itself. When purchasing electronics, many people tend to keep their original boxes and packages. This is where they could be of great use when transporting them. Placing more than one electronic in a box can be done, however, the heavier one should be put at the bottom and keep the lighter ones on top.


For paintings and frames, an appropriate sized box should be used. If the painting has glass, covering it with tape in the form of an x. This should protect it from shattering inside when transporting. If the painting lacks any glass then the front should be protected with some painter’s tape, so that the front will be protected and the painter’s tape will leave no adhesive traces. The same method can be applied to mirrors.


After the packaging is done, a marker should be used to mark the boxes containing the fragile contents, which really helps the local movers Denver area that you choose. This should make the person handling the boxes be more careful when managing them.





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Advantages of Respite Care


home care assistance Castle Rock

Taking care of an elderly or chronically ill loved one can place a huge strain on any person. Yet, they must soldier on and provide their vulnerable family member with comfort and care. But there is a point when any caregiver deserves and needs a break. This is when they should consider hiring Castle Rock respite care services.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care means taking a break from the daily chores of looking after a sickly or elderly loved one by hiring a professional home care assistance Castle Rock caregiver to replace you for a while. It does not mean that you are abandoning your loved one. On the contrary, you are making sure that they are properly cared for over a period of time when you need to rest and get in touch with your own life.

Respite care is something any family caregiver should consider. The only way of staying strong for a vulnerable family member is making sure that you yourself are sound of body and mind. There is so much a single person can bear when it comes to dealing with the special needs of a vulnerable family member and with the daily stress and chores of your own life.

Here are just a few critical benefits of Castle Rock respite care:

  1. Rejuvenation of Body and Mind

When you take a break from looking after an elderly or very sick family member, you have time to look after yourself. You can go to that medical check-up you’ve been postponing for so long. You can take a walk in a park. You can even go away from home for a few days and enjoy some peace of mind.

Once you are back to your duties, you will be stronger, healthier, more optimistic and able to treat your charge with love, patience and proper care.

  1. Get In Touch with Yourself

Many caregivers seem to get lost as persons, as individuals. They do not have time for hobbies and for socializing. They don’t know anymore what their dreams and hopes are. They feel that everything they are is the person that takes care of a vulnerable relative.

This is not healthy, either mentally or psychologically. Every one in a while, caregivers must remember that they have a life of their own and they have the right to enjoy it.

  1. Put Things into Perspective

When your entire universe is at home with an elderly or sick relative, you tend to lose perspective of the world around you. This may lead to depression and a bleak outlook on the future.

By getting away for a few hours or days, you can appreciate everything around you, find hope and support in meeting other caregivers and even learn new things that will help you become better as a caregiver.

  1. Further Your Career

Taking a break from your chores with respite care every once in a while allows you to enroll in various courses, earn certifications and even find a better job. With more money available, you may make better arrangements for your vulnerable loved one, which will also leave you with more spare time for yourself.

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What Is Involved In App Planning?

App Planning IdeasMobile applications have become an integral part of people’s lives, providing different services: paying bills, finding a convenient restaurant, calling for a taxi, or making social contacts. Due to the rapid evolution of technology and people’s need to have rapid access to different applications they need, the app planning and development for mobile devices has gained momentum.

Making a good application requires a serious dose of planning as well as identifying the target audience and defining a simple and effective workflow, according to the client’s business model.

When developing a mobile application, the first step is to determine the application typology. The software solution may be a local one that runs on a mobile device or a server running solution that provides services through the browser or through a client-server architecture that does not use Web protocols. By nature, mobile applications are small, portable and personal. Issues such as the interface, display size, data entry mode, wireless connection loss, or security are important aspects that need to be considered during the development of the mobile app. Developers who are aware of the differences between personal computers and mobile devices in terms of resources, interface, or computing power typically develop more efficient mobile applications.

When you are in the app planning process, remember to address a set of universal tasks:

  • Ensure an acceptable product quality
  • Keep a high pace of development
  • Ensure application interoperability on most mobile devices
  • Analyze and record user actions

The client and the developer must stay in touch during this stage. The client is the one who comes with a list of requirements for the mobile application to be developed. The developer asks for additional information to understand exactly the client’s needs, and then provides solutions and estimates from which the client can choose the one that seems to be the most suitable. The developer must specifically determine the purpose of the project, plan the project resources on phases, determine the total time and budget, as well as the implementation strategy. All this is possible only if the developer gets a good understanding of the client’s business, which will allow them to create user-friendly interfaces, develop certain specifications and create a plan to ensure quality.

Design can also be considered a phase of app planning, because it includes:

  • Evaluating the necessary functionalities and determining the features to be created
  • Evaluation of alternative approaches to enhance flexibility and scalability
  • Selecting the best approach to minimize costs and reduce time


The design phase also includes a series of documents:

  • Functionality specifications of what the application will do and how the user interacts with it
  • The user interface, which describes how the application looks and the way users will interact with it
  • Project specifications that determine the internal structure of the application
  • The Quality Assurance Testing Plan, which describes the resource requirements and approaches to be taken to ensure quality
  • The project’s chart, which details the duration of the tasks that are part of the project, the order in which they are performed and the completion date.
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Common Chemicals Used to Keep Your Pool Clean

pool service Plano TX

Cleaning the pool is one thing to do to ensure your comfort. Swimming pool cleaning is a pretty simple process, if you have the right tools and if the pool is not surrounded by trees or shrubs that will contribute to debris buildup.

You need adequate chemical treatments and a functional filtering system to work together. Below, we provide some basic information you need to know.

To prevent the occurrence and spreading of diseases, swimming pools must use potable water only and be equipped with water filtration and disinfection systems.

The legal regulations for public swimming pools are even stricter, and some units have also set up their own set of rules, so pool water remains as clean as possible. Regular water analysis bulletins are mandatory, as well as regulations on the pool hygiene and the maximum number of people allowed to enter the water. The law requires public swimming pools to be equipped with showers and to restrict the access of people suffering from communicable diseases, open wounds, dermis or dermatosis. Pool service Plano TX experts can give you more information.

Proper selection and dosage of pool water cleaning agents

There are many substances and solutions on the market for pool water treatments. They contain a mixture of chemicals that help destroy germs and bacteria, balance the pH, inhibit the growth of algae and balance the chlorine concentrations in the pool.

Cleaning with chlorine or bromine disinfectants

This category of cleaning agents includes low cost disinfectants that remain active in water for a long time. Chlorine-based products are the most popular when it comes to swimming pools, while those containing bromides are rather used in the hygiene of spas and Jacuzzi baths because it has been proven that bromine is more efficient at high temperatures.

These disinfectants are very effective in sanitizing swimming pools because they kill most of the bacteria and microorganisms that develop here. These products are the most popular because they act fast, are long-lasting and effective against algae and microorganisms that develop in water.

The most commonly used product in disinfecting public pools is chlorine (Cl2); in the case of residential swimming pools, products such as sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, and lithium hypochlorite are more popular.

Uncovered pools require an additional component to be added, because chlorine-based products quickly volatilize under the effects of solar rays. These additional components help stabilize chlorine-based products and prolong their action.

The use of chlorine-based products for cleaning swimming pools is popular but not the most effective method, because it can cause problems to those who clean the pool as well as to those who come to enjoy relaxation by the pool. Water containing chlorine (even in low concentrations) can cause irritation of the skin, membranes and eyes, contributing to the apparition of eczema and other health problems. Dosage is essential, as well as the time people spend in the water.

Cleaning the pool with ozone

The method of water purification with ozone is achieved by oxidizing pathogens, without introducing strong substances into the water.

This process can be used for public swimming pools (located indoor or outdoor) as well as for private swimming pools and is very effective in neutralizing pathogens and killing bacteria as well as in neutralizing chlorine odor.


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Shipwrecks in the Great Lakes – What is Hidden Under the Water

The waters of the Great Lakes have been crossed by ships since the 17th century. Thousands of ships sank and many of them have mysteriously disappeared into the depths of the water and have never been found. That is why the exact number of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes is unknown. It is estimated, however, that around 6000 ships sank into their waters, but their total number could be over 25,000.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan had many shipwrecks. Arguably the most famous recorded disaster was the sinking of Westmoreland, on December 7, 1854. The wreck was found only in 2010, 155 years after the sinking episode; it is preserved in excellent condition.

Prior to the invention of the radar, the Straits of Mackinac used to be a particularly dangerous navigation road. Ships were at the mercy of the nature that often used to send unpredictable storms, currents, fog, shallow areas and rocky meadows. A number of ships have met their resignation, trying to get through this poor canal – so many, in fact, that there has been created an underwater reservation, known as Straits of Mackinac Shipwreck Preserve, which contains 12 marked shipwrecks, including the three below.

Sandusky is the name of the oldest known ship in the Straits of Mackinac Preserve. It headed from Chicago to Buffalo with a cereal cargo, in September 1856, but it was hit by a violent storm, it sunk and everybody on board died. In June 1871, Maitland carried a cargo of corn from Chicago to Buffalo, but it collided with two other ships and the impact made it sunk. The crew managed to jump into their boat and no life was lost. In 1909, Eber Ward, a 213-foot wooden cart, came out of Chicago, took a corn cargo in Milwaukee and headed for Huron Harbor, but a collision with ice made it sink in 10 minutes, killing five crew members.

Today, crossing the Straits of Mackinac is not a problem anymore, thanks to the advanced radar technology we have and the glaciers-ships designed to pass through the ice breaking it, so that other boats can pass safely.

Lake Erie

Over the time, more than 800 boats have been eaten by the huge and unusual waves of this capricious lake. It is estimated that Lake Erie hides the most shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.

Lake Ontario

The waters of this lake shelter the Sweepstakes, considered to be one of the world’s finest and best preserved shipwrecks. The ship sank in 1885 and is in perfect condition today. It is only 6 meters under water and is often visited by tourists in boat tours, diving sessions or snorkeling.

Lake Huron

The British ship known as “The Manasoo” sank 90 years ago because it is said to have been cursed. After decades, its wreck was located in Lake Huron, and it would seem that many of the precious goods with which it was loaded are still on board.

Lake Superior

For 100 years, Henry B. Smith was considered a ghost ship. It sank during a violent storm in 1913 with a crew of 25 people on board, nobody survived and the ship was not found despite the efforts. Only recently, after 100 years, a group of wreck hunting divers found the vessel in the waters of Lake Superior, adding its name to the number of known shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.

Some artists have captured the history of these famous ships by producing maritime art that is beautiful and reflects the details of these vessels.

maritime art



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Ensure Your Success Finding a Hot Tub and Spa Design and Consider the Best Available Products

A hot tub design is much more than just the shape and size of the hot tub itself. Depending on its dimensions, the hot tub will need different approaches to the support that it’s provided with. The material also plays an important role here, as does the quality of the elements that are designed to ensure the hot tub’s structural integrity.

As you can see, many things have to be taken into account, if you want to select the very best design for your new hot tub or spa. Depending on the type of Denver hot tubs and spas you choose, as well as your budget and the amount of space you have at your disposal, you can narrow down your search considerably with the help of the most resourceful and knowledgeable manufacturers.

hot tubs and spas

Important Pitfalls to Avoid

Whether you want to set up your new hot tub in the backyard or in one of your bathrooms, there are many essential aspects to consider regarding its design and installation. New hot tubs offer more options than used ones, but even if you have the best plan and the most dependable hot tub design in mind, you’ll still need to avoid some important pitfalls:

  • First, when you want to get a portable or outdoor hot tub, you have to consider the amount of outdoor space you have. Failure to do so can result in many potential problems, some of which might be very difficult to solve. To avoid them, you can consult a landscape architect and discuss the placement of your new hot tub in greater detail.
  • Avoid the high costs of a new hot tub by buying a used one. A used hot tub can be even thousands of dollars less expensive than a new one.
  • Avoid choosing a design based just on its appearance. Whether you want a classical Nordic design or an in-ground hot tub, there are many underlying concerns and details you’ll have to discuss with the dealer or manufacturer before proceeding.

In-Ground Hot Tubs

Now that you know more about what not to do regarding the purchase of a new hot tub, let’s take a look at a couple of the best hot tub designs out there. The in-ground hot tub is one of the most impressive designs.

As the name would suggest, this hot tub is placed at ground level, similar to a swimming pool. Stone structures, open deck designs and natural looking wooden designs are some of the most popular you can opt for.

In-ground hot tubs are somewhat more unique and difficult to install, but they can also be very practical and appealing. Aside from their natural and catchy appearance, these hot tubs are also better protected and more durable.

Custom Hot Tub Designs

Aside from classic and in-ground designs, there are also custom hot tub designs you can choose from, some of which look and feel extremely unique.

Unusual materials, shapes and colors can commonly be used in the design and construction of one of these products. The best part is that you can discuss every detail with the manufacturer from the start, and they will help you come up with the version of your custom hot tub that will best suit your budget and needs.

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